Hi, I'm Cameron. As of October 2020, I am a PhD student in the School of Mathematical Science at University of Nottingham under Jorma Louko and Silke Weinfurtner. The main area of research is curved spacetime QFT and analogue gravity simulations.


I am currently a PhD student in Mathematical Physics at University of Nottingham in the School of Mathematical Physics. Research focus: To be added

Language Enthusiast

In my spare time, I maintain a language-oriented blog, covering topics such as etymology, writing systems, and peculiarities within specific languages. I love writing about languages, bringing a wider appreciation to their intricacies, and finding out for myself different connections between their words, their structures, and their origins. I proudly have a collection of 100+ language study texts covering 20+ languages. A link to my blog can be found on the navigation bar.


For the past decade, I have enjoyed playing various instruments in different groups and ensembles. I have played in concert bands (Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone) as well as in "The Fifty Fives" (Piano and Tenor Saxophone) - in the picture, performing rock music to raise money for charity. I have performed in multiple pit orchestras both in semi-professional and amateur capacities. Favourites have included "The Wiz" (Piano), "Annie" (Trumpet), "Oliver!" (Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone) and "The Wizard of Oz"(Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Treble Recorder). Away from the musical scene, I performed 5 tours of France at various campsites with my school swing band (Tenor Saxophone and Trumpet). I have also played with two further swing bands (Tenor Saxophone and Trombone) with one performance being attended by the then current Chancellor of the Exchequer. Away from live performance, I enjoy practising solo and ensemble recorder music and solo bass-baritone singing, as can be heard here.


email: pmycb7 [[[at]]]