University of Nottingham MMath Student, Language Enthusiast, Translator.

My name is Cameron Bunney. I am years old and studying for an MMath whilst working as a Community Support Assistant specialising in German/Japanese. I write about my language adventures and like to play/write music.


As far as I can remember, I've always had a passion for learning about everything and anything, but maths always just made sense to me, whether it was when I was first learning algebra or doing series solution methods to ordinary differential equations. Maths makes sense, it's logical. I think that's why German, and later Japanese etc., clicked with me; you could put a definitive label on the grammar and how it conducted itself - cases were like the axioms of language to me.

My first encounter with language was with French and, although I stuck with it for a few years and can still recall most of it, the non-romance languages are the ones for me. I must have read nearly every language's grammar article on Wikipedia! The hard work paid off and I ended up getting an interview, and subsequently an offer from, at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, for Modern and Medieval Languages which I declined as I was unsure if I wanted to study languages in that capacity (as it turned out, Maths was the way for me!)

Enjoying learning about everything, I ended up discovering the beauty of coding and programming, which lead me to want to improve my previous blog found here. I'd previously studied both HTML and CSS, as well as dabbling in Python, PHP, and Javascript but these not too seriously, though I have written a Python encryption/decryption programme. So I ended up writing this website in Notepad++ from scratch.

I am currently studying Classical Dynamics/ Quantum Dynamics /

Black Holes / Electromagnetism / Differential Equations /

French Horn / Yiddish / CSS / Relativity / Differential Geometry.

I am always thinking about new projects to do, such as this

website or writing new Blog Posts, keep checking here

for updates!